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MUFSO 2015 Restaurant Conference Update with Tips and Notes — Part 2 of 2

October 11, 2015

MUFSO Breakout

MUFSO is the restaurant industry’s major Multi-unit Foodservice Operators Conference held annually in Dallas.  It was held on September 20 – 22 this year.

This is Part Two of my tips and selected notes from the General and Breakout Sessions I attended over three days in Dallas.
Let me know if you have questions or need further clarification.

Breakout:  “Lessons from Winning Brands”

Hosted by Sarah Lockyer, NRN, with representatives from The Melting Pot,
First Watch Restaurants, and the Saxton Group (McAlister Deli).

● Listen to your customers.  Hear what they are saying about their needs, the competition, and you.iStock_000018946626XSmall
● Menu:  What local items are asked about, like local
craft beers, fruits, vegetables.
● Know their expectations and where value lies for them.
● Service includes knowing what want and what they value.
● Do the ordinary things in an extraordinary way.
● Survey customers with bounce back coupons to thank them for participating.
● Impress your customers with your standards.

Breakout:  “Six Trends You Should Know to Meet Guest Needs and Thrive:  A Look at Foodservice Industry Trends”

 With Susan Miller and Clark Jones, Coca-Cola North America

● Food is now a lifestyle trend.  160 food related TV shows.  40% of
Millennials consider themselves foodies.
● Public concerned about cost of living but also feeling more confident and
● 59% believe science and technology to make things better.  70% of
13 to 65 years old with smartphones (85% of Millennials).
● 63% think their values can make a difference.  “Purposefulness.”
● 51% believe discoveries will make a difference.
● 56% of Millennials believe stress is bad.
● Trends

● 81% want to know what companies stand for, want to know the
whole story
● Health-wellness:  71% want ingredients transparency because they
they matter…33% meat eaters eat meat-free more often.
● 3 of 5 more likely to visit restaurants offering environmentally
friendly foods.
● Employee empowerment.
● Digitization…35% of Gen Z likely to order at kiosk…table top table
● Flexibility…snack sizing…up 3 pts in one year.  Customization…create
your own.  All day breakfast (McDonald’s example) preferred by
7 of 10.

Food with story…Health empowerment…Ethical eating…Foodservice everywhere…Digitization…Flexible + experiment.

General Session:  “Dare to Serve:  How to Drive Superior Results by Serving Others”

With Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen CEO Cheryl Batchelder

iStock_000009178000XSmall● New rule:  Dare to serve.  Dare to find new directions in turnaround.
● Choose to serve.  Who do we serve?  For Popeye’s, it was the franchisees.
● Love the people you lead.
● Deliver results.
● Leadership = courage & humility.
“Courage is not the absence of fear but the overcoming of fear.”
– Nelson Mandela

General Session:  “Winning CEO Panel”

Hosted by NRN’s Sarah Lockyer with Julia Stewart of Dine Equity, John Gainer of Dairy Queen, Charlie Morrison of Wingstop, John Miller at Denny’s, and  Peggy Cheng at Panda ExpressMeasure Your Customer Enhancement and Sales Results

● More control to Millennials.
● Don’t know what to do:  ask your customer.
● 48% of Wingstop customers are Millennials.  Need both tech and quality and sense of control.       ● Expect economy to be “lumpy and bumpy.”
● Storytelling can help differentiate your brand/chain from competition.
● Hire by “mind set, tool set, skill set.”
● Pricing.  Product.  Location.  Segmentation.  What need can you fulfill?
● DQ:  Franchisee profitability + Sales + Growth.
● Share plans with vendor community to get their involvement, commitment.
● Don’t delay decisions (research demonstrates companies that make more decisions faster               succeed more often).

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